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CobaltBlue is an application which allows your PC to connect mobile networks with using DUN profile of Bluetooth.

Because it emulates DUN-GW in Java, root is not required. Instead this is slower, more unstable, more poor than native.

Android2.1 more is required because it uses Bluetooth.

Trial version has the following limitations.
- Only http port is active.
- Maximum connection time of 10 minutes.
- Maximum continuos 2 uses.
- With ads.

Also, even if this is useless or unusable, give up this is an experimental version.

To use in Windows, LCP extensions should disable.

require: Android 2.1 more(not required root)

How to use
Pair with searching the HWaddr for Android.
# hcitool scan
Find the channel number of CobaltBlue.
# sdptool browse [HWaddr]
And connect with the below command.
# rfcomm bind rfcomm0 [HWaddr] [ch]
# pppd /dev/rfcomm0 connect 'chat -v -f /etc/chatscripts/pap' noauth defaultroute lcp-echo-failure 0 noipdefault

At least, LCP extensions and software compression should disable and IP header compression should enable.

Resetup pairing the Bluetooth device when CobaltBlue restart everytime. If you fail, restart your Mac.

Telephone number:
set "123" as a random number.

IP address: It sets as a PPP client and as Android terminal, use as the default gateway.

It sets DNS address to automatically.

You may have to pay too expensive packet fee with using this application or receive traffic limitation, but I can not take the responsibility.

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